Client FAQ

1 ) What do you expect from me, as your client?
Oh, that’s a good question. I get this a lot, where clients want to use me for their wedding day or a portrait or engagement shoot, but they feel like they don’t know what questions to ask me, so I am properly prepared. In my contract, there is a questionnaire to get the basic who/when/why, but I’ve created another questionnaire that tries to capture some of that nebulous information that clients may feel they need to express to me, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about doing it. To get started with some useful information, download and view this questionnaire and see if it doesn’t help ‘shake loose’ some information. (QUESTIONNAIRE COMING SOON)

2 ) How long should I expect to wait after the shooting date to receive my images?
It varies and depends on current workload, amount of images, etc., but usually ranges from 2-6 weeks. And if you’re wondering what takes so long with digital photography, please refer to Answer #2 on this page.

3 ) Do you shoot all in digital?
Yes, for client work, I find digital works best. If you’re really dedicated to film, please let me know and I’m sure we can discuss our options, but really, digital is the future and gives the best flexibility and results.

4 ) Do you shoot in color, black and white, color tone (like sepia) or other looks?
I shoot in color. Any black and white conversion or other ‘look’ that a final image may have is done during post-processing/digital editing, after the shoot.

5 ) What happens if your camera breaks, and it’s the day of my wedding!?!?
It’s very rare, but any technology is prone to failure. I have all professional Canon equipment, which is very reliable, but in case of equipment failures, I always have back ups, including the camera.

6 ) How should I dress for my portrait, lifestyle or engagement shoot?
That’s totally up to you! Be creative! The more you can express your personality and have fun with it the better. Props are great too, even pets! I’m happy to explore and brainstorm ideas for your shoot so you feel properly prepared.

7 ) Do you pick the location for the shoot?
That’s completely up to the client. You have the freedom to choose your spot and I will accommodate wherever you choose. I can also provide suggestions if you’d like some ideas.

8 ) I want to book you for my wedding. Now what?
If I haven’t already, I will send you a contract to complete, sign and return to me with a non-refundable deposit to secure your date.

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