About Me

Love for filmYup, that’s me. I must be about a year old, and I’m mesmerized by a common (for the time) roll of Kodak 35mm film. You see, I had an early introduction to photography. My dad worked at Kodak from the time he graduated college as a Chemical Engineer until the late 90s, which saw the decline of Rochester’s film-heavy industry and shipping of jobs to cheaper labor markets. His father, my grandfather, was also a lifetime Kodak employee, like much of Rochester since George Eastman founded the company there in the 1892. My dad even still has the Canon AE-1 that he used to take photos of us on family vacations. I guess you could say photography is in my DNA.

While it’s part of my family history and upbringing, I didn’t come to embrace my heritage until much later. Film is photography’s roots, but it’s now a legacy, and digital is its future, and it’s the future that most excites me–something that’s different and challenges conventions.

Adding to the endless exciting possibilities of digital, I really do love working with people, getting to know them, their personalities, their passions and what makes them tick, then trying to capture that in my work.

If you’re interested in a photographer that enjoys the relationships he builds with clients as much as the time he spends snapping photos of them–one who really tries to approach each project with a new vision and creativity–you’re in the right place.