There is no bigger honor and joy as a photographer than being given the opportunity to shoot your only sibling’s wedding! So you can imagine my delight when my younger sister Kristi (who I may have tormented occasionally as a child) asked me to capture her big day! I happily traveled nearly half way across the country, uniting with friendly folk and verdant landscapes to complete this important task. This was a brilliant event with warm, welcoming people, all of whom I’d just met, but appreciated the chance to encounter, and valuing the role they all played in furnishing my little sister’s new Indiana home. Mike, welcome to the family! I look forward to more trips out to see you two and experience your bountiful love! Enough of the mush, on to the images!


Bill and Vanessa aren’t just clients, they’re good friends. So when they asked me to shoot their big day, it was a BIG deal. But I wouldn’t be the only “friend-vendor” doing his part to make their day special — almost all the wedding vendors could be counted among their closest friends. Even friends without a wedding profession happily came together, volunteering to help with whatever they could, to make this event memorable.

The whole time, I couldn’t help thinking about weddings of yore, before the existence of any wedding-based professions, when your family, friends and neighbors came together to throw the couple a simple celebration. Born out of necessity, the act of giving by giving of yourself, with your own hands, still resonates with our moderns sensibilities as an act of utmost sincerity. Yet, today, in this pre-industrialized society we live, each area of wedding work has been differentiated, creating the specialized professions of catering, photography, floral design, confection, coordinating, etc., that we’ve come to know. While this specialization allows for more grandiose events, the communal and heart-felt aspects of a what used to be a whole village coming together  to unify two people in love may have diminished.

Not with this wedding! The large group of supporters, many coming from as far away as Bill’s origins in New Hampshire, helped throw Bill and Vanessa the shindig we all know they deserve; one that honors their unique character as individuals and a couple. As their wedding day was planned and carried out, special care was made in considering both Bill and Vanessa, as well as their new marriage built on love and respect. I couldn’t have been more happy to play my part in the larger “village” that came together to honor Bill and Vanessa.

I’d also like to thank Oliver of Oliver Henry Photography for second shooting this event with me – always a pleasure having his architectural eye and photog chops on a shoot!

So, without further adieu, the images!



Vendor love:

Venue:  Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook, CA

DJ: Sandra Ware

Florist: Black Lotus Design

Cake: Bo Cakes

Nature will nurture


Blessing + Baptism

One of the perks of having a photography business is that you can watch clients grow, through each stage of life–from engagement sessions, to weddings, and to the eventual baby photos. Maybe one day I’ll even have the honor (and longevity) to photograph the weddings of children who I got to shoot from the time they were in diapers!

Enter Penelope. She is definitely one such case, and I’ve been very fortunate to call her parents friends for many years, as well as document each blissful stage of their lives together. Sadly, I missed their wedding due to another gig, but you might remember this couple from their sweet maternity session. Missed milestones aside, I’ll call this Chapter 3 of the Lees’ story together: Baptism and Wedding Blessing, set at their local church and attended by adoring friends and family.

Ryon + Shairi {Hitched}

You hear affirmations like “Live each day to the fullest” thrown around pretty often; so much so that these pearls of wisdom, meant to inspire people, have become cliché, losing much of their intended meaning. Yet while it’s common place to hear someone quoting these maxims, it’s much less common to find people actually LIVING them.

Enter Ryon and Shairi. They personify the values of getting out there into life and just living it, having obscene amounts of fun in the process! Whether hiking the rugged back country of Southern California or braving broken masts on a sailing voyage to Catalina Island, these two happily embrace life and everything it has to offer.  These self-proclaimed gypsies (stated in their marriage vows) possess an infectious exuberance that’s special to behold, so I can’t thank them enough for inviting me to be a part of their big day!

I also want to extend a very special thank you to Joey at Half Full Photography for co-shooting this wedding with me. He captured some very special moments. You rock, man!

Above: Meet Charlee! The darling product of another project I worked on.

Vendor love:

Venue: Bali Hai

DJ:  Bill Calhoun

Florist: Impulsive Flowers

Cake: Surprise Surprise Bakery